Custom Projects & Design 

From designing custom furniture to full scale interior design. Allow our professional and knowledgeable staff help ispire and create the perfect setting with the perfect piece.

Northern Enterprises

We design and build custom fireplaces and cabinetry for the perfect focal point to any room .

Our fireplaces are all Eco friendly and Canadian made!

Nothing helps bring that rustic cabin feel than a full size real barn beam mantel for your fire place or covering the bulk heads with our barn wood faux beams. . 

 Fireplaces and Ethanol units

A New Generation of Home Design

In the spring of 2014, we purchased a beautiful small 1952 fixer upper bungalow in the Valois area of Pointe Claire.  Having spent hours upon hours researching ideas on Pinterest, Houzz and HGTV we finally got inspired into a rustic open concept cottage style design. The basics came easy. Tile/Granit/Kitchen cabinets are all easily found through the numerous stores in Montreal that are all selling the same things. However finding quality materials and furnishings quickly became a challenge. It almost seemed everything else that was of high quality had to come with a designer price tag or was manufactured in the US and for furnishings we were trapped by the lower quality big chain stores designed to need replacing before they are even paid off. (We have all experienced this at least once in our lives )
That being said, we took a stand and decided we were only going to buy Eco-Friendly and Canadian made only or we were building it ourselves! Though we didn’t know it yet, the basis for our store was born.

Beams and Mantels

Bringing style and elegance to outdoor living spaces since 1998.
We offer design and worry free installation to suit the needs of all of our clients,